We make deliciously snarky paper goods that don't suck.

We're intentional about making cards you actually want to send, stickers that showcase your personality, and buttons that make a statement while trying to bring a bit of happy to every situation.

Need something you don't see? Use the contact bubble at the bottom of this page, or send us an email: hello@stonedonutdesign.com - let's chat! :)

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July 6th: Bangor Sidewalk Art Fest!

Confetti Bazaar is an outdoor market celebrating over 70 local vendors in the heart of Biddeford! Come see Maine craft, art, farmers, food, vintage & music on Lincoln Street!

Come see us June 1st from 10-4 - we'll have lots of good stuff for you to stock up on, including pride pins galore! :) See you there!

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Kindly Fuck Off Wooden Pin

Say it loud and proud with this solid cherry wood pin from Stone Donut Design. A perfect addition to your favorite jacket, backpack or lanyard. These pins have dual butterfly clips for security and a statement which will pack a powerful punch.

Grab yours now!

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Get Lit-erary: Book Club

If you're looking for a new way to book club, you've come to the right place! We're excited to launch Get Lit-erary: A Book Club That Doesn't Suck in January 2024.

Choose your subscription and start reaping the merch! From quarterly to annual, all bookies will receive exclusive goodies directly related to what we're reading.

Interested in hosting your own IRL book club? We've done the work for you by supplying discussion questions for each read.

Annual subscriptions receive a full year of merch plus some extras.

Woohoo! We're stoked to be reading along with you!

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  • Congrats Cards!

    They did it! Woohoo! Whether it's a major event or something simple - there's always room for a celebration.

    Congrats Cards 
  • Birthday Greetings!

    Another trip around the sun is a HUGE reason to celerate! Let us send a special greet their way for you!

    Birthday Cards 
  • Medical Cards!

    Bodies are hard. Things happen which aren't fun, and don't feel great. Let's bring a smile to the situation with something from this collection.

    Medical Cards 
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Oh, hey there :)

Hey there, I'm Brooke, the creative mastermind behind StoneDonut Design. We make paper products and gift items that don't suck. No more lame greeting cards or boring notebooks - we're here to inject some serious sass and personality into your life.

I draw inspiration from pop culture and the world around me here in Maine, and I channel that into my artwork. You'll recognize my pieces by their bright colors with bold black outlines, and their witty, sassy attitude.

I've been turning shitty situations into smiles since June 2017. I didn't go to art school or anything fancy like that - I'm totally self-taught using the "I'll stumble-through and see what happens" method. And you know what? It's served me well. StoneDonut Design products are currently carried in over 230 locations in 6 countries, worldwide!

So if you're looking for a little bit of attitude with your art, look no further than StoneDonut Design. We're here to make you smile, one sassy product at a time.

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