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Hand Addressed Envelopes Invites Thank You Cards and more by StoneDonut Design

Hand Addressed Envelopes Invites Thank You Cards and more by StoneDonut Design

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Allow us to make the envelope as beautiful as the heart behind the greeting! It's simple, just include the name and address in your order details, and we'll do our thing!


What's the process look like?

All of the addressing is done by hand here in my home studio. I use gel-based inks, some of which are metallic. You can choose between:
- white
- black
- gold
- silver

As for envelopes, I keep a few options on-hand (all are A7 (5.25" X 7.25"):
- aqua blue
- red
- green
- yellow

If you're looking for other colors/sizes, they can be purchased and shipped directly here to me. We can talk about options. If you're sending me the envelopes, please send 10% to allow for human error.

You'll need to send me a list of names and addresses written exactly as you'd like them on the envelopes, for example:
- Mr & Mrs Sugarwater
- Evelyn & Ryan
- The Likens Family

Please note that the size of the names will vary depending on the length - I know it seems silly to mention, but absolutely necessary.

How long will it take for your project? it truly depends on the quantity - but I can usually get 100 lettered and shipped in under a week - depending on the style and other projects.


Return shipping varies per project, as it all comes down to weight. I'll weigh the final project when packed and ship it to you by your preferred speed, and we can settle up by Paypal, Venmo, Cash App or ApplePay :)


I like to sip coffee and listen to great music while creating these cards wearing comfortable yoga pants. I guess you could say there will be lots of positivity coming with it :)

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